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Chameli Naraine

Symcor Inc.
President & CEO

As CEO, I try to “walk the talk.” That’s an old-fashioned phrase, but it works. Our vision and strategy are clear. To make those things real as a leader, you personally have to get out and do your best to create the circumstances and build the culture that will make that vision possible.

Important to me is meeting with all of our employees across the country on a frequent basis. In these meetings, we talk about strategy, business results, international events and what’s happening in Canada. We also talk about real-life matters, such as local and global issues important to them. It's not only about communicating direction and results – it’s also about listening and learning.

Our unique strengths are collaboration and innovation. With global factors considered and measured risk managed, practical business plans are developed based on a good understanding of business needs. We bring solutions to create business value for our clients, enabling them to win in the marketplace.

I like to create value and I take responsible leadership seriously. These values underpin the strategies taken and the decisions made across our company. Our clients, our employees and our communities can always count on this.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, October 13

14:00 PDT